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Bierens news & events calendar
Building and sharing knowledge is the basis of our success

In building trust and the relationship with you, that includes an open communication and sharing of knowledge.

Frequently we are present at (inter)national trade shows; you will find information on this page about the possible dates and of course we gladly like to see you there as our visitors. That also applies to our production locations where we are happy to show you around. Visit this section of the site when you wish to stay informed about new product developments, event calendar and other news. The recent items remain sharply focussed, older news blurs but still remains accessible from archive.

Bierens news & events calendar

Bierens goes on customer excursion

In the interest of ‘customer intimacy’ and learning of best practices, Bierens paid a visit to one of his customers. With a number of operational people of the customer, the final inspection of the manufactured products by Bierens was evaluated.

What were the lessons learned?

  • Structured communication with an eye for detail.
  • No assumptions but in case of doubt consult.
  • Accurate (final) control of the product.
  • Tidiness in the factory during the production process.
  • Optimize the use of measuring tools.

Bierens aims to provide the customer with technological support and in accommodating them to realize their goals with innovations. From technical expertise and innovative strength Bierens should deliver a perfect output!

Bierens starts production in their new factory

One degree temperature difference on a gear wheel of 1.000 mm diameter results into 12 micron deviation. Bierens’ manufacturing technology is based on an accuracy of two microns. This fact of physics is the main reason that a temperature controlled production environment is crucial for high quality gear manufacturing.

A few facts about the new Bierens facilities

  • 14 overhead cranes with a maximum capacity of 25 tons
  • radio controlled cranes equipped with anti-sway system to optimize internal logistics
  • installation of 72 machines
  • production floors: 8000 square meters
  • office space: 2100 square meters divided in two floors
  • reduced energy and gas consumption allowing us to contribute to the corporate social responsibility

Participation Bierens in Nor-Shipping 2015

From 2nd till 5th of June 2015 Bierens takes part in Nor-Shipping in Lillestrom, Norway. Nor-Shipping focuses on shipping and marine industry of Norway. Norway is seen as a main player in this field; the country is around the world ninth in the row in the offshore sector. The past years, Bierens gained more international contacts and profiled himself as the precursor in the field of technology and innovation in the gears industry. At this exhibition Bierens aims to meet potential customers and tighten current relationships. In addition, Bierens wants to present new developments to potential customers regarding LGT (Large Gear Treatment). Booth number of Bierens: CO2-14 E (Hall C).