Quality is our aim!

Strive for the best quality

We owe our reputation and the role as market leader to the vast professional experience we have gathered over many years and to the fact that we always strive for the best quality. That explains why we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. All our processes are documented. They are accurately observed by our employees and, where possible, they are improved.

Our team

We place a great deal of importance on perfecting our processes. Training and education play an important role in this. As a result, our skilled employees are up to date with the latest trends and developments in the sector and they are very skilled in the use of our ultramodern machines.

Our production halls

The conditions in the production halls are ideal for production. For example, there is no direct sunlight and the temperature in the hall is always 20 °C. We also have a well-equipped measuring room, so that we can calibrate the measurement tools ourselves.

Our equipment and products

All of our equipment meets the highest international standards. We only work with European suppliers that meet the highest of standards. Furthermore, all our products are traceable and, if desired, they can be purchased with a quality mark from a classification institute of your choice (e.g. GL, DnVGL, ABS, RINA, BV, TÜV, Lloyds or RMRS).

Are you curious about our quality?

We have a range of modern, calibrated measurement tools, such as:

  • Klingelnberg P300 3D measuring machine for measuring toothing geometry up to a diameter of Ø 3,000 mm and a weight of 10,000 kg
  • Mutioyo 3D measuring machine for measuring toothing geometry up to a diameter of Ø 1,000 mm and a weight of 1,000 kg
  • Trimos length measuring machine for calibrating measuring tools
  • Three test machines for measuring the tooth contact of all types of conical gears up to Ø 3,000 mm and a weight of 10,000 kg, including ‘einflankenwälzprüfung’
  • Ultrasonic examination according to DIN/ISO 9712 or EN 473 level II
  • Magnetic examination according to DIN ISO 9712/EN 473 level II
  • Detection of grinding burns according to the Barkhausen-Rauschen method
  • Hardness measurement by means of EQUOTIP