Products & Services


The PWT Bierens gears are used throughout the world in the most demanding of applications, because our products meet extremely high quality requirements (DIN class 1-6). Every day, our qualified and motivated employees produce cylindrical and conical gears in our modern, climatized, company premises of 8,500 m2.

Gearboxes; from the construction of new gearboxes to repair

PWT Bierens is a specialist in the engineering of new gearboxes. We have been doing this for decades and have now engineered, produced and delivered over ten thousand gearboxes. From start to finish, including the (detailed) drawings, the parts lists and the instruction manuals.

Our gearboxes provide years of reliable service. And when they need an overhaul? You can also rely on us. Just as you can for the repair and modification of existing gearboxes (regardless of the manufacturer).

Engineering & Software

We have been producing conical gearsets since 1950. For this, we use machinery from all the renowned manufacturers. For example, we manufacture spiral toothing according to systems such as Klingelnberg Palloїd, Klingelnberg Zyklo-Palloїd, Kurvex, Oerlikon and Gleason. Of course, we not only manufacture spiral toothing, but also conical gears with straight or helical toothing.

Our pride

Since 1995, we have been using our own software for the production of high-quality conical gearsets based on generated NC codes in combination with the use of highly-advanced 5-axis machining stations. It is a worldwide pioneering role that we gladly accept. How is the software package that we developed ourselves different from the rest? The data can be input directly in the controls of the machining stations thanks to the 100% mathematical description of various tooth shapes produced by our engineers.

This has many advantages, including:

  • A very high toothing quality, allowing a higher transfer of forces, less wear, less noise and a longer service life. We can guarantee upto a maximum obtainable Class 1 quality (according to DIN 3965), while our competition can only guarantee Class 6-9.
  • Total freedom in the choice of parameters and dimensions, such as the pressure angle, the normal module, the number of teeth, the outer diameter (up to Ø 3,400 mm or even more on request), the toothwidth, the toothing corrections and the axleangle (from 0° to 180°).
  • Total freedom in the choice of tooth shapes and besides spiral toothing, all straight and helical conical, HIRTH and crown toothing.
  • The development of new tooth shapes, such as the patented PWT Bierens S-toothing. 
  • Optimal finishing: our experts use the software to determine the deformation and the hardnessdepth before finishing. This way, we can find the optimal starting position for the final treatment, after the carburizing, nitration, induction hardening or tempering. This allows us to guarantee a homogeneous hardness-depth across the entire workpiece, while still observing other tolerances.

Good work: S-toothing

This special, patented S-toothing, which has been developed by PWT Bierens, eliminates all axial forces and is also stronger than all other models available in the market. The result is more compact installation dimensions for the same performance and the possibility to fit much smaller bearings.

Knowledge and experience

We have a team of trained and experienced engineers with a high level of scientific knowledge and working experience. Every day, they combine their professional knowledge with their years of experience. During their work, they use modern 3D-CAD/CAM software (EdgeCam and SIEMENS NX). Gear calculations are supported by software from KISSOFT, ZAR and Niemann.

Our engineers’ work consists of, amongst other things:

  • Geometry calculations and strength calculations for toothing, axles, bearings and gearboxes based on drive specifications.
  • Advising on and engineering of new mechanical drives and gearboxes.
  • Troubleshooting for existing mechanical drives.
  • Reverse-engineering if the production drawing is missing for components that need replacing.
  • Calculations for all gear systems and documenting the corresponding toothing properties.