Bierens is technically strong as iron
The gear specialist who has a technical lead on others

Standstill is regression. We want to move forward, always, along with you! That is why we invest constantly in Technology & Development at Bierens, in the knowledge of our production staff and in our advanced machinery.

Our high-tech production methodology, based on our own software and decades of experience, is unique in the world. That allows us to produce efficiently – fast and for a reasonable price – and extremely accurately according to the requirements of customer. In short: always the best and appropriate solution for you!

Always a custom made gear

On a daily basis Bierens engineers work on developing new or improved gears and wormwheels.
Do the standard gear sizes not meet your wishes? In that case we have the solution for you: as the one and only manufacturer we are completely free in the engineering and production of the shapes and dimensions of teeth. So if a standard gear is not adequate, you will find the custom made gear at Bierens. Take the test and contact our division of Technology & Development.

New developments in gears

The numeric code software allows us to invest new shapes of gears. The Bierens S-shape is a typical new gear that provides better quality, creates new possibilities and has a longer lifetime. If you want to know more about the latest developments or would you like to consult the engineers of Bierens about the design process of your application? Please contact us.

Milling with grinding accuracy

Traditionally gears are milled and after the pre-milling, a finish grinding of the gears leads to the desired accuracy. We leave the grinding phase to other manufacturers, because Bierens is the only gear manufacturer who is able to do the 5-axis finishing milling of the hardened gear. That provides a more accurate gear.
We even manufacture gears in DIN class 1.

Overview Bierens technology:

  • turning and sawing of axles / disks / spindles
  • face cutting
  • planing, smoothing and milling
  • circular grinding
  • flat grinding