HPG High Precision Gears

Bierens High Precision Gears
Our 5-axis free form milling machines produce a variety of gears

In order to produce flexible and to remain competitive, the Technology & Development department of Bierens has developed a universal production technology. Multiple tooth shapes can be milled on one and the same machine.

With Bierens/HPG technology it is possible to develop those tooth shapes or corrections, which can’t be manufactured with standard tools. Our thought-out process requires a new way of designing, calculating, preparing and manufacturing. The possibilities and benefits are determined by the ingenuity of our engineers and are no longer dictated by the limitations of the production machines.

High precision gears:

This technology is applicable for all gears for which a mathematical description is developed, such as:

  • cylindrical gears with straight, helical or V-shaped teeth
  • conical gears with straight or curved teeth
  • worms and wormwheels
  • crownwheel
  • racks and various kinds of closed link shapes

In particular this technology is applicable for finishing milling products in case of specific surface requirements or gear quality. The most revolutionary form so far is the Bierens S-shape, the so-called ‘Golden Solution’.