Bierens gears
Development, prototypes and serial production

Bierens is a family business, founded in 1880, and the gear specialist for over 70 years.

Over the decades the specialism in gearboxes and gearwheels have grown in such a way that Bierens has become the market leader in this field. By development of new gear shapes, optimization of existing tooth shapes and varieties in production possibilities, Bierens has earned a reputation as experts.

Specifically where the highest demands on surface requirements or gear quality must be met the self developed Bierens/HPG technology is perfectly adequate.
This unique technology is applicable for the production of gears:

  • cylindrical gears with straight, helical or V-shaped teeth
  • conical gears with straight or curved teeth
  • worms and wormwheels
  • crownwheel
  • racks and various kinds of closed link shapes

Extremely accurate gears

The accuracy of the Bierens gears is extremely high and is even categorized in the DIN-class 1 to 4. The gears are so accurate that they no longer need to be individually adapted to each other. This is due to the unique combination of the 5-axis production methodology and direct data input on the milling machines. The software offers many more possibilities and a higher quality than with the standard production technology. Do you have a special question, or are you looking for – literally – an appropriate solution? Please contact us.

Quality control gears

The quality control is executed with a 3D measurement system and makes use of the precision of the CNC machines to perform a measurement verification. On a test bench we compare the actual contact pattern of bevel gears with the calculated contact pattern. Bierens has the opportunities to optimize the contact patterns.

Overview Bierens gears: