Bierens gearboxes
Minimum noise production, maximum mechanical efficiency

Everything revolves around gears but Bierens is also a leading global player when it comes to the production of drives such as gearboxes, high quality machine parts and pumps. We produce custom components on specification for the most diverse installations.

Bierens is the reliable address for special gearboxes. These special gearboxes are frequently applied in the machine construction, steel industry, glass industry and transport sector. Thanks to our unbeatable experience in the field of gear manufacturing, the constant ambition to better implementation and control methods and systematically customizing to the changing demand for gearboxes, Bierens is able to produce reduction and gearboxes and all kinds of mechanical drives against the best conditions.

Our gearboxes stand for minimum noise production, the best mechanical efficiency and a long operational reliability. Those properties are the result of a high quality implementation by making use of first-class materials, a responsible choice of the gear characteristics and the highest conceivable finishing level.

Overview Bierens gearboxes: