Bierens Group

Verenigde Bierens Bedrijven B.V. consist of: Bierens B.V., Defawes N.V. in Belgium, HPG Nederland B.V. and Blom Tandwielen.

Everything you have always wanted to know about gears.
We are your sparring partner for everything you have always wanted to know about gears. Our joined forces make that we have collectively gained knowledge and experience about mechanical drives and drive components over hundreds of years. This information concerns not only the theory but also the feasibility, resilience, the pros and cons of certain configurations etc. Much of this information is available to you and can be found on the site

Blom Tandwielen

Blom Amsterdam B.V. is fully specialized in the production of drive components.

Address: Goirke Kanaaldijk 42-01
Telephone number: +31 13 5360025
Fax: +31 13 5435550