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Bierens is at home everywhere; on land, on sea and in the air
The reliable partner for high performance gears and gearboxes

Bierens is already more than 100 years a worldwide esteemed specialist in:

  • (high performance) gears
  • gearboxes for the maritime sector
  • heavy machine construction
  • steel industry
  • glass industry and the transport sector

Gears for the maritime sector

In branches where the highest demands are applied to the gear quality, Bierens plays a leading role in custom-made solutions.

Gears for the infrastructure/structures (bridges and sluices)

Our gearwheels help to keep the Netherlands dry. Many dams, such as the storm barrier of the Delta works and sluices are equipped with our gears. And we are proud of it!

Gears for mining

Rock hard stones, sometimes as large as a small passenger car, disappear in the stone crushers in mining. No wonder that the mining companies also like to use rock hard gears for this. Bierens gears ensure that the fiercest stones turn into the smallest grit.

Gears for industrial applications

Conveyor belts in production companies, heavy industry, chain conveyor systems and elevators and much more. With the best example the steel production in the Netherlands with its kilometre-long casting machines. Bierens keeps goods and people on the move.

Gears for the transport sector

A lot is demanded of the machines in the automotive and transport industry. They have to be very fast, very accurate and extremely reliable. New models in addition demand constantly customized production machines. Bierens thinks along in the design process of those machines, provides prototypes of gears and always takes care of smooth running machines.

Various gears

We deliver small and larger series and are very strong in the manufacturing of prototypes and also for replacing broken gears, quickly and skilled. Our Technology & Development department assists you with word and deed. Experience the passion, profession and personal attention of the gear specialist who knows, like no other, what it is all about!