We all aim daily for a prosperous existence. We fully realize that our reality of existence lies in the hands of a group of people who are willing to pull their purse for the value we can create for them as an organization. That group of people is our customers.
Customers don’t only buy a product from us. When ordering a Bierens product our customers get three boxes.

In the first box, the basic box, is the best thing our organization has to offer. That is our product: gears, gearboxes or mechanical drives.

In the second box, the plus box, is what we put on top of the basic box, that is what we all do to make things as easy as possible to our customer: convenient contact, easy to speak to the right person, easy to arrange everything, et cetera. With this we offer our customers comfort. For example, we consider After Sales equally important as the deal itself.

The third box, the top box, contains what each employee personally has to add to each contact with a customer: what he/she radiates. This is an extremely difficult box, which is always hard to communicate about. This box is all the more difficult because everyone, even the so-called workshop, must accomplish this. So in that sense, everyone has daily customer contact.

Daily we wish to realize together where our brand Bierens stands for, what our brand Bierens promises to the group that guarantees our existence. We want to let experience everyone in our company into the bone what our organization means for our customers and what our customers really desire.