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Masters in technology & innovation

At Bierens we build on our lifetime experience combined with the technological innovations of today!

Bierens is a family business, founded in 1880, and the gear specialist for over 70 years.

Over the decades the specialism in gearboxes and gearwheels has grown in such a way that Bierens has become the market leader in this field. By development of new gear shapes, optimization of existing tooth shapes and varieties in production possibilities, Bierens has earned a reputation as experts. In the revision and production of gearboxes both Bierens in Tilburg, and especially Defawes in Ghent, are large players.

The accuracy of the Bierens gears is that high (DIN-class 1 to 4) that the gears no longer need to be individually adapted to each other. That is why you will find the Bierens gears in the highest demanding industrial applications.

Bierens produces gears and gearboxes for:

  • maritime sector
  • infrastructure / structures (bridges and sluices)
  • mining
  • industrial applications
  • heavy machine construction
  • glass industry
  • steel industry
  • transport

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